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This month at Ironworks Gallery Art on display by Mr Fire-Man
Date: September Medium: Paintings and Mixed Media

Fire-Man: Mr. Fire-Man is an internationally celebrated painter, performer and instrument maker living and working out of Japantown in Vancouver, BC. Aside from creating portraits and landscapes in his signature style, he is the conductor and composer for the Legion of Flying Monkeys Horn Orchestra, an interactive performance project commonly seen at the Super Robertson Supper Show at the Railway Club on Wednesday nights.

Here is his blog:


A Performance by "The Legion of Flying Monkeys"

Date: September 10

Medium: Concert




Time: doors

Show 7:30


Tickets: $15 at the door


The Ironworks Presents "Part of the Tribe Jazz Series" with

"Endangered Blood" "Avram Fever /Michael Bisio Duo" and the" Jerry Granelli Trio"


Date: Oct 15, 20, 27


Medium : music




Doors: 8:00 pm

Show: 9:00 pm



Tickets: $15 at door only

seniors and Students $12

Tickets for all 3 events available for

$40/$30 on Oct 15th


Oct 15

Endangered Blood is a dynamic NYC band comprised of Chris Speed, Jim Black, Trevor Dunn and Oscar Noriega.
Performing a mix of original compositions and jazz classics, they create a new sound that integrates swing, free jazz, and rock,
while maintaining the experimental energy that all these musicians are known for. Their debut recording was released to rave
reviews in March 2011 on Skirl records, a label mining the fertile new music scene of Brooklyn.
“We are a neighborhood band, all living within three blocks of each other. Initially we played for an ailing friends' benefit concert and by
demand we continued to perform together, developing a book of music built around the bands' sound and dynamic energy. We're not
afraid to get our hands dirty with the music and

have a great time making fun of each other.”

"High-energy, melody-driven themes exploded into all-out jams, hammered home by Jim Black's aggressive drumming."
Time Out NY - June, 2010
"Endangered Blood. This was some of the tightest, most sophisticated chordless quartet playing I've heard in this festival or otherwise.
The writing was hip but not overly complex and emphasized melody in conjunction with harmony instead of vice versa. There were
elements of bebop, Mariachi, free jazz and post-bop all seamlessly strung together. Noriega is an alto player I NEED to hear more of,
plain and simple."
All About Jazz - June, 2010



Oct 20

Avram Fefer/Michael Bisio Duo

“Fefer's varied experience, be it playing hypnotic West African traditional music or electro-acoustic trip-hop, informs his highly developed sense of swing. His coiled phrasing lends these propulsive excursions an infectious, groove-oriented focus.”

“extended techniques are commonplace in Fefer's spiritually-charged post-Coltrane language”

“Fefer's mastery of thematic abstraction, fueled by Revis and Taylor's empathetic interplay.”

“Complemented by a congenial rhythm section, Fefer's burly timbre, pithy phrasing and taut lyricism make Ritual a stellar example of the trio tradition.”

Troy Collins

Oct 27

Jerry Granelli Trio

Let go of what you want it to be. let go of how you think it to should be. even let go of your vision.
and so we began by bringing in compositions and tearing them apart to find out what worked.
This recording is a crystallization of that process.

In January of 2011 Jerry Granelli called it. The material was ready. The recording could begin. After almost a year of tearing the music apart and pulling it back together; communications over long distances and intimate rehearsals; playing the pieces live and hidden away in Jerry’s studio—the trio and the music were ready. This would be their debut recording. It was always about letting go. But the title came later. Everyone had to pack away any preconceptions and allow the power of the music and the trio, as a living-breathing unit, to guide the sessions.

Jerry Granelli cut his teeth on some of the best trios in the business; Vince Guaraldi, Denny Zeitland and Mose Allison, to name a few. Yes, Jerry has led and directed small and large ensembles over the years but this is the first time that he has stepped up to lead his own trio.

Granelli looks at the concept of the trio and is amazed. Everything fits together perfectly. No one gets a free ride.

Jerry has known Danny Oore and Simon Fisk for years. A little over a year ago when he began to think about the trio form for his next project it was their artistry and their sound that seemed to fit what he heard. Jerry had been toying with how to create using the structure of the trio but without it sounding like a trio. The two musicians bring something new to the trio palate, Simon: bass and cello, Danny: tenor, soprano and baritone saxophone. The result is effortless and multi layered. There is also one anomaly: Jerry met Mary Jane Lamond a few years ago. Her use of the Gaelic language kept haunting him. In some small way he knew she had to play a part in his new recording. She lent her voice to two tracks on Let Go.

This recording captures the beginning of a new direction, a new sound and a new partnership in music. Live, it will grow and move forward. The trio will follow the music to where it leads.